Fairfax VA Air Conditioning Repair

The climatic patterns in Fairfax have dramatically shifted over the last few years. This change would not mean a lot if it did not affect the comfort in our homes. Now more than ever the use of heating and ventilations solutions services have become more of a necessity. As a homeowner don’t be caught off-guard. And most homeowner won’t be caught off-guard for lack of air conditioners. On the contrary, maintenance of your ac unit is the one thing that would easily stand between you and comfort in your house. If you reside in Fairfax you do not have an excuse on non-maintenance of your AC units, because Air-tech systems offer a remarkable Fairfax VA air conditioning repair.

Fairfax va air conditioning repair

Our service offerings

Apart from the installation of trusted brands of AC units we run the most reliable repair services for all manner of AC problems including but not limited to;

Filter repairs:

Having a working air filter as part of your air conditioning setup is an idea you cannot give a shove. Despite their highly efficient use, they also come with a few challenges. They get dirty quickly and unlike other AC unit parts require constant monitoring. That is why with one, you ought to have it checked regularly. In case of a functional failure, have it repaired by a good technician such as the ones Air-Tech Systems Inc. provides you.

Duct maintenance:

Did you know that an inefficient not only leads to poor air conditioning but can also increase your energy cost by as much as 30%? Now that you have heard it from the experts, check on it. Whereas you can conduct a do-it-yourself assessment, it is always advised that you get a professional to do a complete assessment and repair. Having your duct insulated in the right places is also a very effective way of making sure that you get the best out of your air conditioner.

Ductless systems:

As an alternative to the use of ducts, you can choose a ductless system. Ductless ac units come in handy whenever you are constructing a new house or carrying out renovations. That said, where you have an incessant dysfunctional duct, you can add a ductless system to work hand in hand with the duct system as you scale down on the latter. The good thing with ductless systems is that they require less maintenance, they are energy efficient and offer more output than the duct lines.

Programmable thermostats:

Most old houses in Fairfax still use the old dial and knob thermostats. You do not have to be in the category of ‘most’. Tarry and take advantage of programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats do not only provide convenience but are also praised for their ability to lead to meaningful reductions in energy costs. Get one today as we offer you our quality driven Fairfax VA air conditioning repair service.

Boilers and furnaces:

Most people only think of A/C units when discussing air conditioning without considering their boilers and furnaces. We know better. The heat source in your house can lead to how well you use your AC. With a good furnace, for instance, you can always keep that AC heat at bay, thus reducing the cost of electricity. Malfunctioning boilers and furnaces are not only an expense but a hazard. A malfunctioning furnace, as an example, can start a fire in your house. With this in mind always ensure that your a/c maintenance guy is also able to look at your heat source.

What makes us the suitable choice?

Timely work plan:

From the moment we step into your home, consider our work plan is already under formulation. As we carry out our assessment we will notify you on possible courses of actions. We will also give you a time schedule for each job to make sure that we are able to work mutually within a time period when you are available.


At Air-Tech Systems Inc. We understand that the cost of repairs can keep people off our services. To that end, we have introduced attractive pricing plans so that as we benefit from you as our client, you will also benefit pocket and service wise.

Customer service:

Need the friendliest Fairfax VA air conditioning repair service, provider? Delivering an all-hour emergency ready service, with a responsive service provision, Air-Tech systems should be at the top of your list. We believe in giving you the best we can offer, and if our other clients are to be believed, our best is limitless.

Dial an inquiry

Keeping up with your maintenance and repair schedules means having your service provider on speed dial. On your mailing list give us a star to be able to trace us in case of an emergency. We promise you that we will be on your property within no time. Nonetheless, since we can’t crash into your property will be waiting for that invitation. Also, do not hesitate to place in any general inquiries you might have on any burning issue.

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Air-Tech Systems Inc.
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Air-tech Systems Inc Fairfax VA

Fairfax VA Air Conditioning Repair

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